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Family Home Information

Our Public Housing Program provides subsidized housing for families.   We have 45 family home rental units available to qualified families.   Rent is based upon 30% of tenant’s adjusted gross income for rent.

Our homes are scattered throughout the City of Ashland.  We have 14 two bedroom homes, 20 three bedroom homes, 8 four bedroom homes and 3 five bedroom homes. 2 of our homes are handicap-accessible units.

Each of family home units has a basement and a garage.  Stove and refrigerator’s are included.  Tenants are responsible for mowing their own lawn and shovel their own driveway and sidewalks. 

Interested persons may download an “Application for Occupancy".

You may stop in and pick one up at our office at 319 Chapple Avenue, Ashland, WI  54806; or you may call us at (715) 682-7066 and an application can be mailed to you. 

Upon receipt of a completed application, a criminal background check, and a credit check will be performed. The applicant will receive a letter from us advising them of the status of the application. If approved, their name will be placed on our waiting list for the appropriate size home, based upon the size of your family.  If you are denied due to credit; criminal activity; or past evictions, you may contact the Housing Authority to review the reason for denial with the Public Housing Manager. 

It is vital that all applicants on the waiting lists keep the Ashland Housing Authority updated should an applicant has a change of address. 

Should you have any questions about the application or background requirements, contact us at (715) 682-7066.